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04 March 2018

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London Handyman Service - What Jobs We Do? - Taps Fitting

Fitting Taps is one of the job we do really often.

We can either fit taps supplied by you, or we can provide them (we would need picture or visit your place first to see the taps)

We charge by time:

£50 for 1st hour and £30 per ½ hr afterwards

And fitting taps may take approximately:

Sink taps: 45-90 min

Basin taps: 45-90 min

Bath taps: 60-180 min

It all depends on how easy the access is and what is the pipes’ condition.

There are also not standard taps or custom made ones - the fitting time would be different for them - please contact us to discuss your situation.

Also sometimes we may need to purchase additional connectors and / or washers (these are charged on top of labour price)

So please call us or email to discuss your “tap problem”

02071830893 or