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04 March 2018

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London Handyman Service - What Jobs We Do? - Reseal Bath / Sink  / Shower

Professional Basin, Sink or Shower Resealing Service

One of the most common jobs we do is resealing baths, basins or showers. After few years silicone sealant may looks tired and mould. Also the adhesive properties may decrease which would result in leaks, so replacing it with new one is good idea. Our work would ensure a good joint between surfaces and improved appearance of your bathroom or kitchen.

How much?

At our standard hourly rate expect this job to cost around £80

Materials for this job are usually £15 and are charged in addition to the labour prices above.

We only use professional, mould resistant products.

What is involved?

All the old silicone will need to be completely removed, the surface cleaned and dried thoroughly and a new bead of silicone seal applied.

How long?

It is the removing of the old silicone that takes most of the time, it is vital that all the old silicone is completely removed and both surfaces are clean and dry. That would ensure good sealing properties.

Expect resealing to take between 1 to 2 hours (depending on area) for standard bath.

Who brings what?

We will bring all the correct tools required as well as the silicone sealant.

We carry white sealant but if you require clear or other colour let us know beforehand.

What if?

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee with all our work; if you are not 100% happy with the job done, the handyman will return free of charge to remedy the work.