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04 March 2018

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LCD / Plasma TV Installation Service

We are experienced in hanging all sizes flat screens as well as projectors , speakers and other audio/video equipment.

We’ll bring all necessary fixings, tools and screws with us to securely install your TV on any tape of wall (including plasterboard), but it would be better if you purchase TV bracket yourself.

Here are examples of web sites where You can find brackets:

- TV Fixings

- Dekomount

However if you prefer us to supply bracket let us know your

TV make and model and a type of bracket you want -

and we’ll bring it with us!

How long can hanging TV take?

It depends on the size of TV (the larger it is the longer it takes) and on type of wall.

If you want you can choose fixed price for fitting TV:

Any screen up to 42” - £80

Any screen larger than 42” - £100

(price excluding fixings and bracket)

Please Note: Large screens over 50” may require 2 people for fitting - therefore its advisable that there is someone able to help on site.

If not than we can supply another person for additional charge of £45.

What about hiding cables?

If you want to hide cables - it’s not a problem as far as surface mounting trunking is concerned - it can be done within the fixed price. (If you have a trunking).

However  if you want to have the cables hidden inside the wall or chimney breast than the additional costs would apply (either fixed price or “per time”) The price would depend on wall’s type and whether you want to make wall good and paint afterwards.

Aerial installation

Let the experienced handyman take care of aerial or satellite dish installation and running the cables to socket or receiver.

Call now 020 7183 0893 or email to discuss details or book appointment.

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